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2023/24 Summer Programs

BBFC are pleased to announce that the Club will have a range of Summer Programs catering for all ages.

As promised, we have been working towards providing something for everyone and as a result we are excited to offer programs for most age groups. Please see below for information on each of the age appropriate opportunities.

Choose from:

Brindabella Summer Sixes 

The Summer Sixes is targeted at men and women aged 15- years and older.

Go to  for further information.

Miniroos Summer Academy

The Miniroos Academy is targeted at 5-8yr old with a 10 week program running Monday nights from 16 October 2023.  

Go to  

Junior Community Summer Academy

The Junior Community Summer Academy is targeted at 9-14yr old with a 10 week program running Tuesday nights from 17 October 2023.  

Go to

All Girls Summer Academy

The All Girls Summer Academy is targeted at 5-12yr old girls with a 10 week program running Tuesday nights from 17 October 2023.  

Go to

BBFC Premier League Summer Academy 

As per previous years, this is an excellent opportunity for all junior players to improve their skills over the summer period. This Academy is targeted at 12-17yr olds aspiring to play Premier League football in 2024. This is a 10 week program covering 30 sessions running from 16 October 2023.  Go to NPL Summer Academy

Please remember that all BBFC Summer programs support respect, fun, fair play, and always conducted with a positive message and spirit. 

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