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2019/20 Summer Programs

BBFC are pleased to announce that registrations are now open for the 2019/20 Summer Programs.

As promised, we have been working towards providing something for everyone and as a result we are excited to offer programs for most age groups. Please see below for information on each of the age appropriate opportunities.

Choose from:

Senior Summer Sixes - Men and Women aged U15+

Go to

BBFC NPL Summer Academy 

As per previous years, this is an excellent opportunity for all junior players to improve their skills over the summer period. 

Go to NPL Summer Academy

Southern Summer 9's

Go to

Community Summer Coaching Academy

Go to

How to Register

The FFA and Capital Football require all participants to register using their FFA player number online via  This is also how your insurance is managed.


Please remember that all BBFC Summer programs support respect, fun, fair play, and always conducted with a positive message and spirit. 

More information can be found in the separate attachments which detail the rules governing the social and competitive aspects of this summer competition. It should be noted that these games are governed by modified rules, guided only by the official FIFA Laws of the game.  Any questions should be directed to

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