Summer 6s – Men and Women 15+

Round 1 Draw

Field Map

Classic Social Summer Football for players. Friendly and non-competitive, non-contact. Aimed at providing a fun, family friendly, teaching and learning environment where football can be enjoyed by all participants in a social setting including parents and friends. Teams will be of mixed gender and age, and, generally, the competition sub-committee will select players into teams to ensure a reasonable mix of players in terms of gender, age, and skill levels as well as accepting groups that wish to nominate as an entity**.

With dates to be confirmed, the competition will be run on Monday nights beginning November 4 at Calwell Playing Fields. There will be as many games as weather permits before Christmas and again when school goes back in February through to March 16 when the fields are closed for maintenance. Initially the competition will be one large pool and then split into moderated pools for the remainder of the season. Games will be at 6:30pm and 7:30pm with BBQ refreshments available also. Games will be 2 x 25 minute halves at $85 per player.

Before you register, please read the competition rules​, any questions can be emailed to For team nominations please use this form.

How to Register

The FFA and Capital Football require all participants to register using their FFA player number online via  .  This is also how your insurance is managed.


Please remember that all BBFC Summer programs support respect, fun, fair play, and always conducted with a positive message.

More information can be found in the separate attachments which detail the rules governing the social and competitive aspects of this summer competition. It should be noted that these games are governed by modified rules, guided only by the official FIFA Laws of the game.  Any questions should be directed to 

**Recommended team size is 10 players. Due to the club accepting individual registrations, teams may be allocated additional players by the sub-committee.