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Brindabella Blues Summer 6s - Revamped competition

The Brindabella Blues Football Club Summer 6s competition provides a fun, family friendly environment where football can be enjoyed by all participants.

The Junior competition provides the opportunity for U12, U13 and U14 teams to continue playing over summer in small sided games, and the Senior competition now offers three divisions to deliver Social football that supports teams with novice players; Social football for more experienced teams looking to enjoy the social aspect; and the new division for teams that are more serious about their summer football.

All games observe modified rules and are played as 25 minute halves on a smaller field of 50m x 35m in a 6 v 6 arrangement.

U12, U13, U14. – Aimed at Division 1 and 2 level footballers looking to extend the winter season and continue development over summer. Mini goals. No offside. Games are facilitated by team managers or suitable representatives (coach / manager / parent) similar to weekend Miniroos. The games are regarded as friendly and formal referees are not provided. Match times are 5:30pm.

Div 2 and Div 3 Seniors - Ages 15 and up. Classic BBFC social Summer 6s. Mini goals. Christmas re-group splits into three pools - Div 2, 3, and 4 of eight teams each. Games are self administered and are strictly social and friendly and played under modified rules. Non-contact. No Bumps. Stay on your feet. Match times are 6:30pm or 7:30pm.

Div 1 Seniors - Ages 15 and up. Aimed at teams that want to play competitive football in a controlled and friendly environment. Youth size goals 5m x 2m with goal keepers [5+1]. Modified FIFA rules. No Offside, No Slide tackles. Referees provided. Match times are 6:30pm or 7:30pm.

From experience, nine players per team is ideal.

Team nominations are preferred. Individuals looking to participate are still encouraged to register and a team placement will me made if possible. If players have a portion of a team to nominate but not a full team, please register your interest via the team nomination form so that you can be grouped with your friends with another small cohort if possible.

Team places are limited. In the first instance, please register your interest to adamsmall675@gmail.com or submit your team nomination form. Payments can be made after confirmation of your team placement in the competition.

Click here for a team registration form.

Click here for the Summer 6s rules.

How to Register

The FFA and Capital Football require all participants to register using their FFA player number online via https://registration.playfootball.com.au.  This is also how your insurance is managed.


Please remember that all BBFC Summer programs support respect, fun, fair play, and always conducted with a positive message.

More information can be found in the separate attachments which detail the rules governing the social and competitive aspects of this summer competition. It should be noted that these games are governed by modified rules, guided only by the official FIFA Laws of the game.  Any questions should be directed to adamsmall675@gmail.com.

**Recommended team size is 10 players. Due to the club accepting individual registrations, teams may be allocated additional players by the sub-committee.