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Approved Forms

Form A - Club Membership Application Form

Form B - Office Bearer Nomination Form

Form C - Appt of Proxy Notification Form

Form D - Annual Membership Renewal Notification

Form E - Member Protection Declaration

Form F - Improve Documents Suggestions Form

Form G - Issue of Team Shirts Sign Off Form

Form H1 - Incident Report Notification Form

Form H2 - Incident Report Witness Statement Form

Form I - Chocolate Drive Issue Form

Form J - Expenditure Reimbursement Claim Form

Form K - Registration Refund Application Form

Form L - Key Register Sign Off Sheet

Form M - Equipment Register Inventory List

Form N1 - Team Kits Register Issue and Sign Off Fo

Form N2 - Kit Equipment Check List

Form O - Part Payments Agreement

Form P - Team Sponsorship Agreement

Form Q - Complaint Report Lodgment Form

Form R - Team Officials Agreement

Form S - First Aid Kit Register Issue and Return

Form T - Player Medical Profile

Club Constitution

Codes Of Behaviour


FFA Code of Conduct






FFA Spectator Code of Conduct

Duty Statements

Financial Policies

General Financial Framework

Operating Revenue

Operating Expenditure

Business Operations

Fee Schedule

Renumeration of Paid Positions

Lodging Registration Payments

Refund of Registration Fees

General Guidelines

Operational Policies

Ratification Of Club Policy


Fair Play - Parents Spectators

Fair Play - Players

Child Protection


Team Sponsorship

10 Years Service

Fundraising Activities

Conflict of Interest

Gifts and Gratuities

Documentation Control

Complaint Handling

Social Media

FFA Member Protection Policy

Working with Vulnerable People Fact Sheet

BBFC Life Membership Policy

Team Management

Team Equipment

Player Allocations

Junior Player Grading

Team Officials Code of Ethics

Medical Conditions


Shirt Sizing​

First Grade Debut Listing

Links to other websites


Here are links to other football, affiliated organisations as well as sites of general interest.

Capital Football

Football Federation of Australia



The World Game (SBS)

Four Four Two

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