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Club Structure

Management Committee

The Management Committee is responsible for the overall operations of the club from administration concerns and financial control to decision making. This committee handles all club complaints in regards to administration and operation.

Registration Group

The Registration Group is responsible for all registrations, team allocations, training times and coaching appointments. The Registrar handles all registration and the Age Coordinators handle any team enquires.

Promotions Group

The Promotion Group is responsible for all club news, website and the clubs promotional activities through the Media Officer. The Events Officer handles club events such as presentations and team photos. Sponsorship and fundraising activities are also managed by this group.

Operations Group

The Operations Group organises the facilities and services at our home ground on match days. Catering for the canteen, club merchandise and uniforms, competition match cards, results and referees are also in this group.

Property Group

The Equipment Officer is responsible for all equipment such as team kits, balls and team accessories. The Ground Manager has overall responsibility for the set up of the club’s fields, such as flags, nets, ground accessories and also ground conditions on match days.

Coaching and Development Group

The Director of Coaching is responsible for the Club's overall coaching and development programs for all levels. The Technical Director handles all development of junior players and coaches within the club. All grading and coaching clinics are included within the responsibilities of this group.

Regulatory Group

The Records Manager handles all policy releases, including documentation controls. The Member Protection Officer handles all complaints in regards to club members of personal and private issues. The Public Officer handles all club member regulations.

Please refer to the Club Officials Details for names and contact details of relevant officials within each of the above groups.

Overall Club Structure Diagram

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