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Home Ground

Calwell Playing Fields,

Were St, Calwell, ACT

Calwell Playing Fields are the home ground of Brindabella

Blues FC. The fields are located in the southeastern corner

of the Tuggeranong Valley between the Calwell Shopping

Centre and Tharwa Drive. The club has a superb layout for all age groups with seven full size fields available to be used for competition games and carnivals. Ample parking is available beside the various grounds with disable parking located in the centre of the car parks.

Access to the grounds is via the southern end of Were Street where a roundabout is located at the entrance. The tree-lined road gives a grand entrance to the complex and provides shade to spectators along the sides of some of the fields. The amenities building hosts a canteen, merchandise shop, change rooms for referees and both home and away teams as well.

Playing Field Policies

Can I take my dog ?

Dogs are not permitted onto a field or playing area where sport is being played or training for sport is being conducted. This is prohibited under Section 42 (3) of the Domestic Animals Act 2000 and penalties do apply.

No Smoking

The Calwell Playing Fields are a smoke free zone. All persons are requested to refrain from smoking within twenty metres (20m) of all playing fields and in front of the main amenities block.

No Alcohol

The Calwell Playing Fields are an alcohol free zone. Persons are requested to refrain from bringing and consuming alcohol at all playing fields while junior competition games and training is on.

No Littering

Please do not litter. Help keep your grounds clean. Please use the bins provided at the grounds to dispose of your rubbish.

Capital Football Ground Locations

Please refer to the Capital Football ground list for the list and addresses of football grounds. Location Maps are also in Sporting Pulse along with the Draw details.

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