​​Southern Summer 9s – Mixed, 15 years and over

How it will work - based on an 8 team format

Stage 3 - Finals

Ladder at the end of the Pool Stage


2019/20 - Finals Draw

As an extended version of the summer 6s, this competitive format is targeted to the more serious players. Tuesday evenings beginning October  with 8 rounds plus two weeks of finals. Two 20 minute halves, 9 v 9 on a full size field. Accommodating players aged 15 and over, this competition lends itself to aspiring players that are serious about their sport. Dependent on team nominations, the organising committee may propose a youth pool for boys and girls with age considerations allowed for in the draw based on gender or mix, as well as the premier pool dedicated to mixed teams of men and women at the senior competitive level. $660 registration fee per team*.

Before you register, please read the competition rules, complete the team nomination form below and email it to mens@bbfc.org.au.

Team nomination form excel version - pdf version

Nominations close on Thursday, 3 October 2019. The competition will run from Tuesday the 8th of October 2019 through until mid December 2019. Late nominations will be considered depending on numbers and team draw.

Games will be played at the Calwell playing fields, off Were Street. BBQ food and beverages will be available each week.

How to Register

The FFA and Capital Football require all participants to register using their FFA player number online via www.playfootball.com.au.  This is also how your insurance is managed.

If you do not have an FFA number, you will need to request one via www.playfootballcom.au as part of the registration process. This is a requirement set by Football Federation Australia and is a simple, free process to generate one. Once you have your FFA number you can proceed with the rest of the registration steps.

For detailed instructions on how to register, please refer to the separate attachment. Please log in to www.playfootball.com.au with your FFA number and select Brindabella Blues Football Club followed by the appropriate package and be mindful to answer the additional questions relevant to your selected package. These questions are important to assist the organising committee in providing you with the best possible football experience over the summer.


Please remember that all BBFC Summer programs support respect, fun, fair play, and always conducted with a positive message and spirit. All players are to abide by the attached FFA Code of Conduct at all times, and spectators are also expected to abide by the following spectator code; www.capitalfootball.com.au/spectator-code.

More information can be found in the separate attachments which detail the rules governing the social and competitive aspects of this summer competition. It should be noted that these games are governed by modified rules, guided only by the official FIFA Laws of the game.  Any questions should be directed to mens@bbfc.org.au.

#Recommended team size is 12 players, maximum 16 players. Due to the club accepting individual registrations, teams may be allocated additional players by the sub-committee.

++Game times to be confirmed based on field availability via the ACT govt.

*Players not registered for the regular 2019 winter competition will be required to pay an additional $12 insurance levy